The Importance of Sandstone

The sandstone used to construct this house, which displays the skill and craftsmanship of early Ohio builders, came from a local quarry, probably near Porter Road. Sandstone was rarely used to build houses because of the immense labor to extract, transport, and assemble massive stone blocks into a residence. Wood and brick were more common building materials. This area has immense deposits of sandstone, used for the Canadian Parliament Buildings, public buildings in Toronto, plus sidewalks, curbs and buildings throughout Ohio. Several nearby houses are made of sandstone, including a small farmhouse farther west on this road, a finely crafted house at Schwartz and Nagel roads, and Stone Eagle Farm, 33065 Detroit Road, perhaps the region's finest early sandstone house. Nearby Amherst, home to the world's largest sandstone quarry, has a collection of moved and restored early stone buildings at Milan Avenue and Lake Street.

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