History of the Lilly Weston House

History of the Lilly Weston House

The History

This rare sandstone house was built for Austin (c. 1788-1848) and Roxanna (Sears) Lilly (c. 1793-1868). They came to Dover Township (now Westlake) in 1832 from Ashfield, Massachusetts, an area from which many Dover settlers originated. This lot had been owned by Ozias and Hiram Smith. The Lillys erected this house in about 1844 and lived here until 1867. After 1867, the lot and house had several owners, including George Weston, James Beardsley, and August Trudel. Eventually, Alice (Mrs. Dezso) Ladanyi, the great granddaughter of George Weston, deeded the house to the city of Westlake for use as a museum. It is made with sandstone blocks two feet thick, finely tooled and dressed in the front and less elaborately on the sides and rear. The basement is constructed with massive rectangular stone blocks. Thick hewn timbers support the massive roof structure. A brick wing was attached to the east side in about 1850.
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Future Use

When restored, the Westlake Historical Society plans on using the Lilly Weston House as a museum, to be used similarly to the Clague House. The Lilly Weston House is in desperate need for restoration, as the conditions of the floors are not safe for public use, as well as other problems. The Lilly Weston House is now being used as storage for the Westlake Historical Society and the Clague House.

The Importance of Sandstone

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