Public Events

Articles Written About the Lilly Weston House

The Lilly Weston Committee has been involved in two public annual events. Volunteers from the community and members of the sub-committee come together and plan out activites. We are proud and excited to say that we will continue to be involved in both of these events for years to come. Here are a couple articles about the 2016 Fall Festival, written by two of the members of the Lilly Weston Committee.

"Effort to preserve Lilly Weston house on display at Westlake's Fall Festival" by Carolyn Bedell

"Celebrate Westlake's history with book reading, activities" by William Krause

Here are some articles about the Lilly Weston House, written by various members of the subcommittee and journalists. Also listed is an interview with Carolyn Bedell, which was aired on Romona's Room, a segment on Channel 19 News, about the Lilly Weston House and her Gold Award Project.

The Lilly Weston House

"The special, unusual, mysterious Lilly/Weston house" by William Krause

The People Behind the Name

"Who were the Westons of Westlake?" by William Krause

"Who was Lilly Weston?" by William Krause

"Who were the Westons of Westlake? As 'second wave,' settlers build lasting legacy" by William Krause

"A second sandstone Lilly House in Westlake?" by William Krause

"Who were the Westons of Westlake? A generation devoted to education" by William Krause

"Westlake Girl Scout Links Present to Past using Technology" By Carolyn Bedell

"Who were the Westons of Westlake? A family dedicated to community service" by William Krause

"Romona's Kids: Teen raises awareness for a historical gem" Posted by Cleveland 19 Digital Team

"Who were the Westons of Westlake? As family name fades away, donation keeps legacy alive" by William Krause

"Where's Dover the Bicentennial Bear?" By Lysa Stanton and Dave Pfister (page 9)

"The Lilly Family" by Lysa Stanton and Dave Pfister (page 4)

"Local history lovers can weigh in on uses for Westlake's historic Lilly Weston house: West Shore Chatter" by Carol Kovach